"He must increase, but I must decrease."

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Tonight at our HeartsAlive meeting the lesson was about labels.  In counsel group we answered some questions about our own personal labels.  It was so good to, as James tells us to, confess our sins one to another. It was there I made a discovery.  I have had two main labels in my life (and probably several minor ones).
The first label, the one I struggled with for many years, was  the“good, little Christian girl” label.  For a long time I was very proud of that label but then I hated it because I knew I was not a “good, little Christian girl”.  I had sin, some secret and some not.  For me it felt as thought I had been put on a pedestal and I didn’t know how to get down. 
The second label, the one that I found freedom in, was “Adulteress”.  If you have read my recent post of my testimony you will see that this is actually one I gave myself.  When I had my encounter with Jesus this is what I realized I was.  It was in that encounter and realization that Jesus was able to change me and make me free!
My labels are a bit odd in that I struggled with the former and was freed in the latter.  Now, though, I am no longer an Adulteress nor do I ever want to be that good little Christian girl. 
Now I am a child of the One, True King., beloved of Jesus Christ!

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