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Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Vehicle Saga

It has almost reached an end.  I'm sitting here waiting to hear from my mechanic, but God has certainly provided thus far!
Over the past few weeks I have shared about my faithful little car coming to an end and God providing a new vehicle. Now He has gone above and beyond what I could have ever asked or thought (as He promised).
Wednesday my friend Joe and his dad went to look at the van to see if he could get it on his trailer. While they were there they also checked the vehicle out to see what all might need to be done. They were able to get it started after the battery was replaced, but it would only run for a few seconds and cut off. When they checked the engine they found that the oil needed changing really bad- it was so black Joe said he couldn't see the stick through it- and it was smoking. When Joe called to tell me about the van he said that it looked like the engine would have to be rebuilt *insert racing heart here*. 
The next day, Thursday, I went over to the house so I could ride up with Joe and his dad to get the van. Before we left he sat me down and explained everything they found. It was a lot of information and it is often in those situations I feel the most anxiety and like I have to make a snap decision.  We called the mechanic too, but he said he'd have to see it before he could say anything. So after a few seconds of thought on my part Joe called his dad and we headed up.  
When we got there we first tried starting it. The van ran for a few seconds longer than the day before and it didn't smoke.  Score one and two for God! After it cut off again and we tried to start it a few more times Mr. Taylor backed his truck up and they started hooking up the chains.
I really don't know when I started praying, what I said, or for how long but pray I did. I'm not sure why, but Joe tried starting the van again and it worked!  Not only that Joe drove it down the driveway. And to make a long story short I drove it back to the house! Before I left for home Joe checked the oil again and was going to change it because it was so bad. When he checked it it still needed changing, but the color was pretty much right! He said he was in awe of God and told me this is a totally different vehicle than the one he looked at the day previous. God replaced it! So...
In case y'all didn't know God is a mechanic!
And he still sends angels that look like thisFrom brookeconn.theworldrace.org

Later that evening Joe's wife encouraged me to remember this day.  To look back on this day and remember what God did especially in the times when I'm struggling. It certainly was not just a blessed day but a blessed week!
“Remember this day, little brother!
~Boromir to Faramir in The Return of the King
Through Christ,

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Voiceless Part Three

Orphans.  This is where my heart truly lies the most.  I’m not exactly sure what stirred up the tug once more.  Perhaps looking back on my pictures from Ukraine.  Since I first learned about the plight of orphans, from Eric and Leslie' Ludy’s books, my heart has been broken for them!  Children have always had my heart.  I love children!  That’s all there is to it.  I wouldn’t have worked at a daycare off and on for four years and worked as a nanny for two if I didn’t.  I would not be working a bunch of crazy, loud, beautiful fourth grade girls in AWANA or spend a week at camp with seventy odd children if I didn’t love them.  And that love extends to a point of pain sometimes.  When I hear of children hurting it breaks my heart to pieces. 

When I found out the statistics on orphans I was crushed.  Approximately 148 million children do not have a mommy and a daddy.  These children are not comforted when they wake up with a bad dream (most of them live a bad dream every day).  They have no one to run to for protection from the school bully.  Most don’t even attend school.  Those that are in an orphanage are actually not much better off than those who aren’t (especially socially).

In Ukraine orphans are considered worthless.  No one wants to hire an orphan even if they did go to school  and even university.  It’s the stigma. And it’s not just Ukraine….around the world.

What are we as Christians doing about it? I like what Eric Ludy shared in one of his podcasts a few years ago.  His son, Hudson, was three at the time and his solution was- “if we bring all the orphans in to our family, they won’t be orphans any more.” From the mouths of babes as the saying goes.

So there are roughly 148 million orphans in the world today and about 3 billion people on earth claiming to be Christians.  If just 30% would take one child there would be no orphans. 

I may not be able to do much now is a single twenty-four year old lady living as a daughter at home, but I can be a voice.  I can advocate their rescue and adoption, and I can support those who are doing what they can. Are you doing what you can?

This is also one reason I am so excited about this mission journey through the World Race.  I cannot wait to love on the orphans!

The Voiceless Part Two

At the beginning of 2013 I was able to take part in Passion via internet.  Once again they highlighted  slavery and slaves. Once again my heart stirred within me.  No man, woman, or child should ever be the property of another person.  Many people think slavery was abolished from the United States 150 years ago, but the truth is as many as 17,500 people are trafficked into the United States annually. That’s nearly 48 people a day.  There are more slaves now, 27 million to be exact, than there were in William Wilberforce’s day. 

At times I feel so apathetic about the whole thing.  What can I do to help them? 

One of the things I heard during Passion was that slaves often ask “Where is God when I am here suffering?”  Where is He?  The only way these people can see God is through you and me so in essence what they are really asking is “Where are God’s people?  Why are the people of God not coming to save me as He saved them?”

So men and women of God, where are we? Are we turning our backs?  Are we turning up the music so we don’t hear their cries? Are we quickly passing them in the streets because we don’t know any better?

We need to be better informed.  In order to fight a battle you must know what you are doing.  Polaris Project has a good article on what signs to look for in a suspected trafficking case.
There are people already on the front lines fighting, but they need our help.  They don’t just need our funds (though greatly appreciated), they need our hearts and our voices.

There are so many ways to help those trapped in the deception and terror of human trafficking.

A few ministries dedicated to this are International Justice Mission, End it Movement, A21, and Polaris Project.

Another way to get involved is to help stop the demand. Find out what products are being produced by slaves (its not just the sex industry, though that’s a big part) and either refuse to buy that product or send the company/producer a letter letting them know your stand. Let major companies know you want their products, all the way down the line, to be made by men and women not in bonds. Slavery Footprint is a good way to do this. While you’re there you can check out just how many slaves are working for you right now. It is eye opening.

I honestly cannot put into words what I want to say in this post. There are men, women, girls, boys, brothers, daughters being used to the point of death both in their bodies and in their spirits. What are we doing to help them? What are we doing to show them that God is indeed there loving them and rescuing them?  What are we doing to be the hands, feet, and heart of the One who saved us?

What are we doing to save those that are enslaved?

Loose Ends

I realize I have left some loose ends here on my humble little blog.  I do not intend to let this blog fall into disrepair while on the World Race and blogging through that.  From time to time I may stop by to let those of you still here know what is going on with me.  When or how often I cannot actually say, but hopefully it will happen. For now though I do hope you will forgive me for the lateness of these next two posts.  I know I started my series on The Voiceless last year and I haven’t forgotten it.  Here now are the last two installments of that series.

Through Christ,
Lady B

PostScript- To get more updates come on over and visit my World Race blog at Build YOUR Kingdom Here

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Support Letter for the World Race

For many years my heart has been burdened for missions.  God began working this into my heart after my first trip to Romania in 2006.  A few months after returning home, I felt God’s call to surrender completely to missions. At the time I wasn't sure what that would entail, and after a few years I believed I had lost the passion I once felt. In October of 2011, God began to reawaken that call. Last year I was able to go to the Ukraine on two separate trips. One was a work trip on a home for graduated orphans, and the other was to help host a camp for orphans. Both trips solidified my desire for missions.  This year, I was able to travel with my church (joined by my mom and brother for their first trip) to Belize and minister to other missionaries there.
I first became aware of The World Race through a friend,  and about a year later I came across a newspaper article about a young lady leaving for the Race. At that point I began researching and reading about the program, but I had to trust God’s timing for when I should go.  After another year, the World Race was again brought to my attention.  This time I began seriously praying and felt it was time for me to step out and take the leap of faith. 
The World Race is an eleven month journey around the world.  In those eleven months I, with my team, will visit eleven countries and team up with ministries already in place to reach that area for Christ. What we will be doing will look different country by country, day by day. Some days we may be in the streets ministering, hosting VBS, or working in construction. Other days may simply encompass the daily grind of grocery shopping and caring for those on my team.  Every day will be full of prayer.
So why go? Ultimately I have been asking God for a long time what I’m supposed to be doing as a twenty-something, and this is an opportunity for me to step out in the call I believe He has on my life. It is a journey to minister to the least, lost, orphans, widows, and poor.  I don’t take this call and trip lightly.  I am essentially committing two years of my life to this endeavor with the hope of making a difference for Christ and being fashioned to look more like Him. With everything surrendered to God, here I am preparing for another, very different, mission trip.
I have signed up to leave in September 2014 for eleven months. Not only will I need a lot of prayer, but I have to raise all financing for the trip.  I will need to raise $15,500 plus $764 for insurance. That is a bit overwhelming, but that’s why I am trusting God and asking if you will partner with me.  Would you consider a monthly donation?  Or even a one-time gift?  If you can help in any way it will be much appreciated.  As I have heard often (and believe) “little is much when God is in it.”  Thankfully, I don’t have to have all of the funds all at once. Here is an actual break down of my financial needs:
§  $150 Deposit - Due 11/11/2013 (2 weeks after your acceptance date.)
§  $3,500 - Due 6/28/2014 (2 weeks before Training Camp)
§  $7,500 - Due 8/18/2014 (2 weeks prior to your trip)
§  $11,000 - Due 12/1/2014 (End of 3 months on the field)
§  $15,500 + $764 (*Insurance) = $16,264 - Total Due 3/1/2015 (End of 6 months on the field)

I cannot begin to thank you enough for taking the time to read this letter, and for your prayerful consideration of helping me reach this goal God has given me.

You may feel free to contact me or check my World Race blog: http://brookeconn.theworldrace.org/.

Through Christ,

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It's Official!

Brooke Conn
  I now have a blog on the World Race website!  I can't believe I'm actually preparing for this!! So from now on most all my blog posts will be here. Come check out what is going on!
Through Christ,

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Grand Announcement or Life is About to Change...a lot

Just a few days ago I got a call that I had been praying about for a few months now.
"You've been accepted!"
Okay, let me back up.
At the beginning of this month I applied for a mission trip called The World Race. I wasn't really sure what I was doing, but I knew that God was asking me to take a step of faith (remember this post?).  So I stepped out and waited to see what God would do (here).  Little did I know this is what would happen.  I was hoping but...

So as it stands now I will be leaving in September 2014 for eleven months and each month will be spent ministering in a different country.
Here is my tentative route. To learn more hit the banner above.












To say I'm excited is an understatement!
I am still in shock at times and yet my brain has kicked into overdrive. Yes I have a year but that's really not all that long to get ready for a whole year of travel!
I wish I could say more but time constrains me at the moment.  I will say that in the coming days I will begin blogging on the World Race site.  As soon as I get that set up I will post the link here so you can keep up with me.
For now I ask for your prayers as I start this process.  I do, as any other missionary, have to raise my own support.  This trip will cost roughly $16,000 plus the gear I will be needing. And I know there will be a lot of changes in store for me and those around me.

I cannot wait to see what God does in the coming weeks and months!

Through Chirst,
Lady B