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Friday, August 5, 2016

Little did Bilbo and I know...

Today I feel a little like Bilbo Baggins- a simple, unassuming person who went on a great adventure.

Growing up I was the girl that, while all my friends wanted to get out of our smallish town, wanted to stay. I had everything I needed right there, why leave? I was the little girl that cried at night when I thought about growing up, because I knew it meant leaving home.

Looking back at that little girl I smile, for little did she know where God would take her.
Little did she know that she would carry the gospel literally around the world.
Little did she know that she would live in another state for a year.
Little did she know that by saying yes to God and one ten day adventure her life would never be the same. She would never look back at that moment in regret, for with that simple yes the world was open to her.

So yes, this morning I feel a bit like Bilbo as I get ready to embark on yet another adventure. Each one continues to stretch me and change me, but unlike Bilbo; when I come to my last adventure I will not feel thin "like butter scraped over too much bread."  No, I shall feel full, because God is leading me on this journey. He fills me every day as He calls me closer to Him.

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