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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Here We Go Again

I have entered another season of fundraising. I really didn't want to; I honestly hate asking people for money. I have pushed it back, prayed for miraculous provision, and hoped I could make enough money to meet my fundraising goal. I have tried so hard to keep from asking people for money...again. Don't get me wrong, I cannot put into words how thankfully and blessed I am when people have given in the past to various mission trips. I guess in some ways I'm still "too American" as a missionary.

Yesterday God called me out on this lack of humility, and even as I write He is showing me more. I was asking Him how I was going to do this. He invited me to go on this trip, so where are the funds? That's when I heard Him, "Ask My people."
"But, God, I really don't want to ask people for money- again."
"Um, ah...I've asked so many times over the years. What if people are tired of it?"
"Don't you believe I will speak to My people on your behalf?"
"...yeah, well..."
"Do you trust Me?"
*groans* "Yes."
"Ask My people."

So here I am asking you, friends. I'm inviting you to join me again for another Kingdom journey to spread the Gospel.
*Pause:That is another thing God reminded me- on top of being prideful in not asking for help I was also robbing you of being a part of the collateral blessing from this trip.*

Basically I need $300 by the end of this month and another $600 before March (the total cost is $1,895).

This time I will be going with One Mission Society (OMS) to Colombia. There is actually a very small group of us going, but God doesn't take size into account. We will be working with a seminary in MedellĂ­na doing manual labor, teaching, ministering in a local prison, and helping with street ministry. The trip takes place over spring break, March 13-17, and will also help me fulfill an Asbury requirement for cross cultural experience.

If you feel led to donate, checks can be made out to One Mission Society. The picture below is of the response card. I can also send you a copy of it in the mail.

I cannot thank each of you enough for every way you have helped and blessed me over the years!!

Through Christ,

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