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Saturday, March 16, 2013

St. Patrick’s Day

It is my favourite holiday.  Why?  Well that is a good question. For a while it was just because I like all things Irish and such and March is my favourite month.  Now, though, I have learned much more about the man for whom this day is named.  The man who gave his life to a whole nation that they might know Christ. 

(Disclaimer: this is my own short, quick version of St. Patrick’s story.  You should definitely look it up for yourself or check the resources at the bottom of this post)
St. Patrick was not actually Irish.  He was born in what is now Scotland, the grandson of a priest.  Growing up he ignored the faith of his family until an event that would change his life.
At sixteen his village was raided and he, along with others. was kidnapped and taken to Ireland.  For six years he was a shepherd, a slave, for one of the Irish chieftains.  During those years he spent many, many hours in prayer coming to know Jesus Christ personally.  He had his own encounter with God on those lonely Irish moors.  It was God that directed Patrick’s escape to a ship that would take him back to England, and later it was God that called this man into ministry.
Once more God called to Patrick in a dream asking him to return to Ireland, to the very people that had enslaved him and preach God’s salvation and freedom from their own enslavement to the devil.   Many Irishmen and even kings gave their lives to Christ through his teaching.
Through Patrick’s bravery, courage and compassion the course of a whole nation was change.  That nation’s change would go on to affect the course of not only Christian history, but also the history of our very nation. 

One man. Faith in God. Obedience. Courage. 

“Little is much when God is in it.” ~Bro. Steve Harney

Through Christ,
Lady B
PostScript-  Bro. Don Pinson of Heritage Ministries of Kentucky has two great radio programs about St. Patrick here,  and if you are an Adventures in Odyssey fan (or if not) they have done a great job of telling his story in Saint Patrick: A Heart Afire, Parts 1 of 2.
Be Thou My Vision
an old Irish hymn

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