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Friday, March 22, 2013

Normal? Radical?

Wow, my Beloved and I just had an amazing conversation and I would like to give you just a peek into something we discussed!
What is radical?  When comes to being a Christian what is radical?  I think today’s Christians and God have a very different meaning to radical.  What God calls normal we tend to call radical.  Think about it…  Is it radical to die for one’s faith? Is it radical to live completely for Jesus knowing you will be scorned?
“If one were living the normal Christian life is it possible to go beyond the realm of normal to radical?  What would it look like? Dying for You? Living for You?  How could that be?  That’s what the world says, but You died for me and You gave me life.  Would it not be a normal thing to want to die for someone who died for me? Would it not be normal to live the life that was given me?

You died for me; should I not be willing to die also!

You gave me life; should I not live it! 

The only radical, beyond that I can think of, in my finite, earthly mind, is heaven.  That is the only next step I can see.  To step from normal Christian life to radical heavenly life; oh what joy!!
I know that I am by no means close to being normal. I can desire the time to be radical!! Lead me on Jesus!!”
I’m pretty sure this does not quite grasp any of what we talked about but knowing that my King is willing to bring me into His throne room and come down from is throne to speak about such lofty matters…there are no words…
 For the Lord Most High is awesome;
He is a great King over all the earth.
Psalm 47:2

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