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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Heavy Hearted

It is with a heavy and breaking heart I write this now.  I do not even know where to begin.

Wednesdays I help teach AWANA, which is always great fun, but this past Wednesday I spent several minutes talking with three fifth grade girls and what they told me broke my heart.  We were taking about boyfriends (how we got on the subject I will never know) but as we talked I learned some things.  Two of them have had a boyfriend for at least three years or more (remember this is fifth graders), I know the whole “oh, they are just kids it will be okay” thing; I do not buy into it.  When I asked them what exactly they do, or what is the point of having a boyfriend this is the list they gave me:

To hold

To hug

To kiss

To make out with


I am sure you can add a few things you have heard too. 

It really broke my heart!  These are the lies society has told our children- our young girls.  What ever happened to the days when little girls could be just that- little girls?  They could laugh and play without any thought of boys except to squeal when they came around because “boys had cooties”.  What happened to the sweet innocence little girls were encouraged towards?  This is what society has done.  Given us girls who are huntresses right down to the second grade.  Little girls who think they have to wear make-up (not “Mommy’s make-up”) and provocative clothes to be “right”.  Gone are the days of dolls and house; now it is all make-up and boys. 

What can be done?  How do we fight this and take back what the enemy has won?  How can we protect our little girls? 

I do not know where to start or what to do, but I know these little girls need Godly ladies and men to pour into their lives.  They need God’s truth and love shown to them.  They need better examples than they are getting on t.v. or maybe even at home.  Most of all they need to know that they are loved no matter what they look like or whether or not they have a boyfriend.  They need to know that The Greatest Lover of all time loves them now.  Will we step up and show them that.  Will we take back what the enemy has stolen? 

Through Christ,

Lady B

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  1. How sad! I have a younger brother who is around girls his age a lot, and it always surprises me by what they get out of his sweet heart and intentions. When he gives them a hug they think he is in love with them. When he holds open the door and is a gentlemen they think he is in love with them. My favorite is when he just listens to them and carries out a conversation with them they think he likes them. ugh.
    Someone wrote a great article saying just because we have guys that are gentlemen and take the time to talk to us does not mean that they are "interested" in us. Especially for younger girls.
    I agree, we need more men in their lives. I am sure they are encouraged by how you are even if they don't seem like it!!!! Keep at it!


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