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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dirt Under My Nails

Okay, so technically there is no dirt under my nails because I wore gloves (ugh, come quickly warm weather- and stay) but, oh, the lovely smell of horse that is surrounding me- all over me- right now! 

I have started working for a lady, grooming and helping her with her horses (four and one on the way).  It is not much money and it is only once a week,  but it is so worth it (and it is $ more than I have right now)!  I am content…okay, let’s make that happy.  It has been at least two years (maybe more) since I have really gotten to be around horses.  Now I get to help care for them, plus she has three dogs and a cat, only one thing is missing and it would come close to pure felicity. 

Mm, the smell of horse; it is something only a horse lover would understand.

I saw horses…

Through Christ,

Lady B

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