"He must increase, but I must decrease."

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Learning- The List

I feel as if I keep learning more about myself.  Today it was the fact that apparently I have not completely surrendered the pen of my love story to God.  I realized that although I had “surrendered” it to God I had my own ideals of the kind of man I want to marry.  I even went so far as to say, “God I do not want to marry _____.”  Maybe I have good reasons for saying I do not want to marry a certain person but what reason is good enough if it is God’s will? 

It is hard to lay that down.  As ladies we tend to make lists (guys may also, I do not know) but what if the man God had for us matched nothing on own carefully constructed list.  Outside of being a Christian who follows and serves God what if the man God has prepared for us is nothing we ever wished for?  Would you be willing to lay down your desires for God’s will?  Will I?  I hope I can lay this down, take up my cross and follow God into whatever He leads me. 

Through Christ,

Lady B

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Colossians 4:6
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