"He must increase, but I must decrease."

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Close of a Season

Now, this actually does not have anything to do with the end of summer and come of autumn.  The title is because of the end of a short chapter in my life (”a time and a season for everything”).  The chapter of daycare worker. 

As I was leaving work this afternoon my boss asked to speak with me.  They had to let me go.  It was not something they wanted to do, but they need someone who can work until six in the evening.  When I first started working there we had talked about my hours (11am-4pm), and I told them I could not work until closing, because I needed to be at home to help Mama with supper and such (here is where I blush because honestly that did not always happen).  Anyway, the two hours between when I leave and closing are the roughest part of the day and when they need the most help.  They found somebody who can work those hours, everyday too, so they had to let me go. 

The worst part of it for me was not so much being fired (for lack of a better term) but that I had grown quite attached to the kids in these past few months.  I really thought I would be there for a while and watch the kids “grow up” in a sense.  I also felt like a was just getting to know the other girls and enjoying their company.  Mrs. S may call me every now and then to substitute, and I know where to find them, but it is still quite a shock.  I cried all the way home, and when I got home I went immediately to my prayer journal.

I know God knows His plans and He does not have to reveal them to me.  I know He is in control.  All I can do is seek Him and wait “in the silence until [He] come[s] and sit[s] awhile with me.”

I will leave you with this quote from Ms. Jane Porter (author of The Scottish Chiefs) that I came across just last night (what great timing!):

The mourner banquets on memory; making that which seems the poison of life, its ailment.  During the hours of regret we recall the images of departed joys;and weeping over each tender remembrance, tears so softly shed, embalm the wounds of grief. 

Through Christ,

Lady Helen

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  1. Oh, I'm sorry you lost your job Helen! It must be really hard to say goodbye to those little kids. I'm praying that God gives you comfort in this difficult time. Blessings!


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