"He must increase, but I must decrease."

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thoughts for This Season

1.  I have been on the defensive.  In my spiritual walk, I have waited for satan to strike and then fought back in prayer.  I realized this Thursday, when I found out Grandpa had died.  I knew him for eleven years, yet I never once fell to my knees begging God to turn his heart to Him.  Not once did I ask him if he knew Christ, and then I found out he was dying a few weeks ago.  Then I prayed; then I tried to speak to him, but was it too late?  Has satan already struck the ending blow?  Not just with Grandpa but others, I have waited and now I wait no longer.  I want to be on the offensive.  I want to be there attacking satan (with God) before he even gets the chance to choose his next target.  It will take practice but no soldier goes into battle without some training.  Sometimes the battles even make him stronger.

2.  I want a man who will cherish me.  I want a warrior-poet.  Often I dream of the warrior side as just fighting for the things of God.  Yes I do want that to be my husband’s focus, but I also want him to be my warrior.  I want a man who will stand before me, God and the world and proclaim, “I love you.  I will fight for you; I will die for you!”  And, yet I have already found the perfect One who says, “I love you.  I am fighting for you; I died for you!”

3.  I did, in fact, watch Prince Caspian tonight for the first time in two years (since the day I watched it in theater).  Honestly, it is a love-hate kind of thing.  I hate it because it does not follow the book!!!! (what can I say, I am a purist)  But I like it because, well, it is Narnia.  Just do not expect anything more from me or I might go into a rant.  (very spiritual, I know)

4.  I will get my school work done so I can get to working on my Christmas presents and other projects.

5.  I will finish cleaning my room when I wake-up.

6.  I need to stop staying up so late and implement the schedule I wrote up Friday nigh…er…Saturday morning.

7.  This Thanksgiving when you think about the first celebration, remember the tragedy those Pilgrims went through before that day.  When you see the family of four think- the husband recently lost his wife (perhaps in childbirth), the wife was widowed the previous winter and the children lost their parents to some disease.  Yet they all came together to make a family and give thanks for this new country.  A country of freedom.

Through Christ,

Lady Helen

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  1. Sorry about your Grandpa. :( Hopefully, he knew Christ as His Lord and Savior and he is in Heaven where you will see Him again.

    In Christ,
    Joshua :)


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