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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Where Did My Expectations Go?

Once accepted on the World Race, one of the first subjects we are asked to write about on our blogs is our expectations. What do we expect to encounter? Do? Gain? Experience? Whatever our expectations, we are encouraged to share them, though, not required.

This is a snapshot of what I expected from my time on the World Race. Now, I will admit that I was an avid WR stalker. I had read many a blog from Racers on the field, getting ready for the journey, and back home. I had a pretty good grasp on what to expect, and that was to expect nothing and everything. When it came down to it, though, I knew I had expectations for the Race and myself.

I look back on this post now almost two years later, post Race, and I can see how God truly did bring each of this expectations to life, sometimes by seemingly tearing them apart. I expected a lot from God, because I knew He was bigger than any expectation I could have, and He met those and even went beyond them.

So now, in this moment I pose a few questions to...myself.

Where have my expectations gone?

Where is that spirit of expectancy?

Here I am seven months off the World Race with no sense of expectancy of the God I saw work mightily for the past year and a half. Oh, yes, I know He is working, and He is going to do amazing things. That's not the expectation I am missing.

Every expectation I had for the World Race was so big, yet He them in a way I couldn't imagine and so much better than I dreamed. I am amazed as I remember, yet also dumbstruck. Not a single one of those expectations is limited to the World Race. Those can still be realized right now, in the everyday American life.

Why haven't they happened yet?

The answer is, because I no longer expected and searched for God to move in the every day.
My God is still the same. He is still able to do whatever needs to be done (and sometimes what wants to be done) for His children and His church. I think it's time I stopped filing things away to pull out and remember later, and put my expectations back on the table.

Starting now I am laying out my expectations once again. I expect God to continue what He has already begun, because that is who my Jesus is. He is a fulfiller of promises, and He finishes what He starts!

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