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Monday, November 30, 2015

My Christmas Wish List...seriously

As this holiday season has rolled upon us I have found myself somewhat excited but also overwhelmed. After spending this past year outside the United States, being thrown back into the materialism is slightly disturbing. Don't misunderstand me, I am super excited to be with my families, but I will miss the simplicity of not being constantly bombarded with the idea of needing or wanting stuff. As I've thought about it these past few days I have decided to make up my "wish list" just a bit differently. There are a few things I want or need, but if you were to ask what I really want here it is.
*Prayers and/or a donation for Together We Can Haiti and the Agape House
*Prayers for Bolivia and Hermano Lucho
*Prayers for the church in Huanuco, Peru
*Prayers for Paz y Esparanza, Bob and Lori Leek and MPF, Rachel and Ivan and YWAM Ecuador, and Inca Link in Ecuador
*Prayers for Pastor Ghent and his family and Bethel Chapel Mission in Malawi
*Prayers and/or donation for Kids Alive Zambia and the children there
*Prayers and/or a donation for Mark and Helen Begerly and my squadmate Jen Kaiser in Zimbabwe
*Prayers for the KJ Center in Malaysia
*Prayers and/or a donation for Lighthouse in Action in Thailand
*Prayers for the Roeung family in Cambodia
*Prayers for Daniel and Esther Ahn and the Vision English Café in Vietnam
*Prayers and/or a donation for Children's Hope Ukraine.
These would be the best gifts anyone can give! Gifts like this are actually helping the people that need it. The exciting part is I know exactly where these gifts are going and have seen first hand the way they work. It would bless me so much to know the people and places I love are being so blessed!

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