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Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Voiceless Part Two

At the beginning of 2013 I was able to take part in Passion via internet.  Once again they highlighted  slavery and slaves. Once again my heart stirred within me.  No man, woman, or child should ever be the property of another person.  Many people think slavery was abolished from the United States 150 years ago, but the truth is as many as 17,500 people are trafficked into the United States annually. That’s nearly 48 people a day.  There are more slaves now, 27 million to be exact, than there were in William Wilberforce’s day. 

At times I feel so apathetic about the whole thing.  What can I do to help them? 

One of the things I heard during Passion was that slaves often ask “Where is God when I am here suffering?”  Where is He?  The only way these people can see God is through you and me so in essence what they are really asking is “Where are God’s people?  Why are the people of God not coming to save me as He saved them?”

So men and women of God, where are we? Are we turning our backs?  Are we turning up the music so we don’t hear their cries? Are we quickly passing them in the streets because we don’t know any better?

We need to be better informed.  In order to fight a battle you must know what you are doing.  Polaris Project has a good article on what signs to look for in a suspected trafficking case.
There are people already on the front lines fighting, but they need our help.  They don’t just need our funds (though greatly appreciated), they need our hearts and our voices.

There are so many ways to help those trapped in the deception and terror of human trafficking.

A few ministries dedicated to this are International Justice Mission, End it Movement, A21, and Polaris Project.

Another way to get involved is to help stop the demand. Find out what products are being produced by slaves (its not just the sex industry, though that’s a big part) and either refuse to buy that product or send the company/producer a letter letting them know your stand. Let major companies know you want their products, all the way down the line, to be made by men and women not in bonds. Slavery Footprint is a good way to do this. While you’re there you can check out just how many slaves are working for you right now. It is eye opening.

I honestly cannot put into words what I want to say in this post. There are men, women, girls, boys, brothers, daughters being used to the point of death both in their bodies and in their spirits. What are we doing to help them? What are we doing to show them that God is indeed there loving them and rescuing them?  What are we doing to be the hands, feet, and heart of the One who saved us?

What are we doing to save those that are enslaved?

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