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Monday, July 22, 2013

The Voiceless Part One

At the beginning of this year one of the ladies in my church approached me and my friend about volunteering at our local crisis pregnancy center, of which she is the assistant director.  Little did I know that by saying yes my heart would be opened up to a world I only thought I knew on the surface and something new would begin.
God is amazing in how He plans all things.  My mom has been trying to get me to volunteer there for years (since I was 12 I’m sure), but I think God knew my heart was not ready.  So as I walked into that office God began His work.  Little did I know how my heart would break for these- the children and mothers both.
To be honest I was an uninformed Christian just spouting what I had heard but never really learning about these that have no voice of their own. It was often by my own choice too, sadly to say, but when God began revealing the plight of unborn babies and scared, hurting mothers I could be blind no more, nor could I be silent. 
I’m not even sure where to start; how to be a voice for these forgotten, silent ones.  Some are silent because their voice has been snuffed out too soon.  Some have no voice because they are hurt or frightened of what may happen if they speak.  Some even have a voice it would seem but that is not their real one,; no, the real one has been buried too deep because of the guilt and pain it brings about.
I do not feel qualified to shared all I have learned…
Two events that stand among many from the past few months are what taught me the most.
One was watching a video with the team in which a doctor met with different women desiring an abortion, all at differing stages of pregnancy, and explain to each what the process would be for that pregnancy at that stage. It was awful.  That’s all I could think of the rest of the week.  How could anybody choose that? How?
The second, a seminar by Abby Johnson, author of unPLANNED. She shared how she rose through the ranks of Planned Parenthood until the day she watched, Watched and helped with, an abortion via ultrasound.  It changed her whole life.  What she shared was heart stopping. 
I wish I could share so much more and truly be the voice crying out for this to stop.  Pleading with Christians to stand up and fight for what is right.  To nobly save the lives of the innocent! To stop the needless holocaust of our day!  What is the difference? Hitler said the Jews were not even people. Is that not what we are being told about these babies?
I also desire to be the voice of those women who have had an abortion.  The ones silently pleading for forgiveness and healing.  The ones lost and confused.  The ones thrown by the wayside and forgotten.  They need a Savior just as we do.  They need and Love deeper than we can give.  They need and Healer of the past and Mender of the future.  They need Jesus Christ.  Should we not reach out?

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