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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Once Upon A Time…

There was a very nice girl who liked to have good, clean fun.

me and tater

This girl was asked to be a counselor at  a D-Now weekend.

She very excited to be able to attend and be an example of Jesus.  The theme was one she was super excited about too- The Bible. 

With a great group of girls, a good friend to teach with, fun host parents and an exciting weekend what could go wrong?


Let’s just say that said host parents were a little too fun…

The girl was a little corrupted…

And enjoyed herself a bit too much (though no one knew it at the time)…


The End

(Yes that is my youth pastor’s Jeep and yes we did saran wrap it, and yes I felt horrible; until after church the next morning.
Not that I am proud of it or anything…at least you all know I am not good all the time :))

D-Now was great and God was there.  The girls were great and listened so well the whole weekend.  I am sure that they will never forget our last devo that ^ night.

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