"He must increase, but I must decrease."

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Husband

Waiting for JesusMy husband will be:
All together lovely, good, faithful, true, just, harmless, resisting temptation, obedient to God the Father, zealous, meek, merciful, patient, compassionate, benevolent, loving, self-denying, righteous, humble and forgiving.

He will come in on his pure white horse to rescue me. He will take me to his mansion where we will be married. All will rejoice in our marriage and we shall live happily-ever-after.
My husband is even now preparing for that day as He has done for the past thousands of years. For you see my husband is the one true Bridegroom. He is Jesus Christ, the Lord!
Revelation 21:22

We as Christians are all the Bride of Christ!
Through  Christ,
Lady B

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  1. I love this. Thanks so much for sharing!!


Colossians 4:6
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