"He must increase, but I must decrease."

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I was thinking about a conversation I had the other day and somehow it led back to a post I wrote a little while back.  How one led to the other, I do not know but they went together because of my contradictory nature.  Here we go again.  This one is almost cute but at the moment I did not think so.  See, I have often joked that my practical side would not like the idea of getting random gifts (i.e. flowers, candy, books, clothes, etc.) but I am such a hopeless romantic that, that side would win out (I wish I could find how I worded it)*.  Back to that conversation, it was actually an event in a conversation.  Mama had been to the store all day to pick up some things she and M.G. needed for a camp they are going to.  She had also picked up a few extra items- two shirts for me, one for a friend of mine and some pjs for her.  I , instead of showing gratitude that she would think to give my friend and I these gifts, started picking about her spending money.  How absolutely horrifying!  Here she was so excited about these shirts and all I can say is something about spending money!  I hate when other people do that yet there I was doing it myself.

Another thought in connection with all of this is, “Would I do that to my husband one day?”  Would I snub his gift because “we didn’t have the money”?  I would like to think I would not but is that not what it seems I have practiced in my life?  Practice does make perfect, whether you are practicing bad habits (perfectly bad) or good habits.    The way we act in our future, whatever that may be, is being practiced right now. 

I think I shall go apologize and tell Mama thank you for such a sweet thought and gift!

Ever learning

Through Christ,

Lady B

*PostScript- I found it in a status: “So I'm the practical sort that thinks money should not be wasted on flowers especially in this time....but I'm so much the ‘hopeless romantic’ that I don't care!!”

Just below a friend commented- “God made beautiful things for us to enjoy... money spent on flowers, trips to England, or an evening at the symphony is by no means ‘wasted.’ :P”

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Colossians 4:6
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