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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Am I Part of Something?

I have been home from the World Race now for four and a half months (WHAT?!), and I often find myself wondering what exactly I am doing here.

On the Race it's easy, sometimes, to say I'm part of something more. Even if it was setting stones for a path in a camp in Bolivia or allowing a child to "fix" my hair in Zambia or just showing up at a café in Vietnam to say hi to a lady we had met earlier in the week, I always knew that God had me in that moment for a reason. Here in Georgia, USA I find it a bit harder to see how I'm part of the bigger story.

These days I'm teaching in a preschool and once a week attending a Bible study. My life is routine and pretty normal compared to a World Race life, and I have gotten lost in the routine. It took a conversation with a former squadmate to inadvertently remind me.

What I'm leaving out of the story is that God placed me here. God knew that I would be teaching three year olds letters, numbers, school manners, and more. He knew that I would be attending a Bible study that is actually the start of a new church. This life may not be as in my face as the World Race, but I am still very much a part of God's story.

God used a squadmate to help me see that but it was a journal entry from Zambia and the conversation He and I had following my reading it that helped me understand. On the Race I was actively pursuing "deeper depths" with God and He was constantly showing me something. After reminding me of that He asked me why I would not pursue those deeper depths now. I walked in faith; I allowed God to take me deeper into His heart then; why not now?

It doesn't matter where I am, what I'm doing, or who I am with, God is still God; He is still writing this story, and He is still using me- even in the smallest part. He still desires to take me to deeper depths.

I am part of God's Kingdom.

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