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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Of Time, Winter, and The Hobbit

My my my my my,  it has been too long hasn’t it!  These past couple of months have been quite refreshing.  I actually almost forgot how to log on to my computer momentarily.  Now that I am back there is much to be done.  I feel like this break has changed the way I use the computer.  Now that everyone is used to that I do not intent to change it. 
These past couple of months have been busy, of course, with a new job (please be nice to telemarketers, they are real people) and traveling that should get under way again soon. I did enjoy this recent trip.  I not only got to see family, but also got to meet some amazing people ad  heard they are readers.  Thanks for all your encouragement, love, and prayers guys!

The winter/Christmas season is upon us once again.  That time of the year when we remember the miraculous birth and just what it means to have “God with us.”  It is a time when compassion and generosity runs high and romance too.  No, certainly not for me, but I have had two friends get engaged this month. 
Sadly I wonder why we wait all year to act like Christians.  Where is the compassion, generosity and love (non-romantic) that we are supposed to show during other times of the year? 
This is also the time to snuggle into your warm winter clothes, grab a cup of cocoa, and enjoy the snow outside…Hold it…what snow?  I don’t know about where you are, but here it has been in the 50s and 40s.  Yesterday and today have been our first real winter like days.  I keep looking at the weather in Kiev and wishing it this way.  I’m definitely dreaming of a white Christmas!  It could still happen…
Well, that about sums it up, I mean there could be a lot more to tell, but you know being a blog and all…what?  Oh, you actually want to hear about The Hobbit? 
Well okay, but just a little bit.  It was great.  There are some things I could knit-pick about, but I am trying to be lenient.  There are some things out of order, places I wish they’d spent more time and others less, a few character differences, and I do wish they had included more songs .  If you are a book fan then whether or not you like it will depend a lot on you.  I will say, just to dispel some concerns, there is no romance developed between Gandalf and Galadriel.  So to sum it all up- I liked it.
Okay that really will have to be it for now.  Perhaps I will stop in again before next month…perhaps not…
Merry Christmas and remember what this holiday truly means!
Through Christ,
Lady B


  1. Hope you had a great Christmas! Your blog is just so beautiful by the way!

    I saw The Hobbit too and loved it! I think it stayed close enough to the book...

    1. Awh, thank you dear.
      I think so too.
      I miss seeing you and your family! Tell everyone hello!
      Through Christ

    2. Yeah we miss everyone too! Thanks :) Say hi to your family too!


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