"He must increase, but I must decrease."

Saturday, February 18, 2012

This Day

A year.  How could have just been a year and yet how could have already been a whole year.  Looking back she remembered…

“Adulteress!” they spat as they grabbed her by the arm.
“Adulteress,” they announced as they dragged her through the streets, “Come, and see the great sinner!”
A crowd formed.  Mocking, jeering, even shocked faces surrounded her.  People pointed and whispered,
“Could it be her?”
“Is she the one?”
“Did you know?”
Shame filled her as she closed her eyes.
Suddenly all fell silent. She knew death was imminent. But, the blows never came. 
Where were her accusers?  Was the crowd?
She looked up. There. One man.  Who was he?
She gasped- the Teacher. Surely he would condemn her.  Sinking to her knees she covered her face in shame.  How could she look at Him?
But, oh wonder of wonder, He picked her up from the ground.  He touched her!  A touch of love- not anger or hate, love.  Then He spoke, “Woman, where are your accusers? Hasn’t anyone condemned you?”
Wonder filling her face she whispered, “No one, Lord.”
"And neither do I.  Go, leave your life of sin, and sin no more.”
Tears streaming down her face she just nodded.  There were no words to speak.  She watched as He turned back to the crowd and began to teach once more.  This man loved her and proclaimed it.    
No, she would never be the same; this day Life began.

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