"He must increase, but I must decrease."

Thursday, February 9, 2012

life for a Life

Wow, there have certainly been a lot of changes in my life, and I am beyond words, incapable to describe what has been going on!

One such change is the journey God has taken me on!  The end- which is not really the end, really it’s the beginning (I know cliché, but true)- is death.  Real true giving up of this life and its pleasures (all of them, even if they are good) for the Life of my Jesus. 

I have drawn the battle lines and chosen my allegiance!  I have chosen to join my King in His suffering at the Cave of Adullam (look it up, definitely a story to ponder and…well just look it up)!  I have chosen to die so that I might live but really not I but Christ in me! 

What does this Life look like?

I am not really sure- yet, but I know that it does not include frittering (yes, new word taken from the Ludys) my life away on the fancies and whims of this life.  As much as I enjoy such things as movies, books and even blogging I will gladly give them up completely to follow my King into whatever battle He enters and fighting until my “hand is weary and sticks to the sword.” 

I cannot sit by and enjoy the things I once did, knowing what I know now and be comfortable.  There homeless children without love!  There are human beings being treated worse than dirt. There are lives being lost to the armies of hell!  There is a revival that is on the brink of happening!  There are prayers to be prayed!  There is a God who wants to answer, and there is a King who belongs on the throne of this earth, but I have to- we have to- fight to put Him there!

What will God require of me in this life?  I only know that it will be a laying down of of my hopes, dreams, and desires to follow Him down that dusty road that only a few have trod. 

So if you don’t see me around as much, that is why.  I have gone off on a *seeming* harebrained adventure and, hopefully, will not be returning from it…ever!

Through Christ,

Lady B

PostScript- You can most certainly join this adventure too!  Just ask ^


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