"He must increase, but I must decrease."

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Time Passes

As I sit here sipping my tea (Rosehip since it is late) I cannot help but have mixed feelings about the future, namely tomorrow. 
Tomorrow is my last day at the daycare, and while I am excited to have my days back, I am also a little sad.  This season at the daycare seems so much different than the last two.  I feel like I have bonded more with the kids and connected to the other girls more.  I also feel as though I have learned a lot.  I would not be surprised if I shed a few tears tomorrow evening.  I do plan on staying on as a sub this fall so that makes it a little easier.

As far as this fall goes…I feel as though I have talked and thought about it a lot today.  It is kind of funny trying to explain why I am not working through the fall since I am no longer in school.  My plans right now are to-

1. Clean my room (for seriously!)

2. Clean the house

3. Put up some tomatoes (if there are any left)

4. Decorate eggs (at least twelve by October)

5. Continue on my quest (something for another post)

I have a lot to look forward to this fall or so it seems.  *the clock strikes ten*  Ah, well, that must bring this post to a close. 
Continue seeking the Father, Spirit and Son all three but one!

Through Christ,

Lady B

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