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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ever Changing

One of the neat things about giving your whole life to God is the variability.  I once heard that it was like chasing a wild goose only there is purpose with God.
One of the crazy, unexpected turns my chase has taken me on is in the form of working.  That is right, I am working, and at the same daycare.  My boss sent me a text last Thursday asking if I was interested in working permanently.  I only had that afternoon to pray about it, and pray I did.  And, well, I said yes.  So now I am working in a classroom four days a week for about three and half hours.  I love it. 
My first week has included such things as screaming kids, dirty diapers, scolding, saying no twenty dozen times and cleaning up vomit- twice.  But you know what, I love it!  
I also get to do things like soothe an upset child, read stories over and over, sing songs, listen to children's laughter, be piled with six kids wanting to sit in my lap at the same time, pat backs at nap time and laugh at the antics of toddlers.  I am a big part of theses kids’ lives and, even though they are only 1 1/2, I have a chance to help shape them.  I want to bring Christ into their lives as much as possible!

I have to say God does surprising things but I do so love “chasing the wild goose.”
Through Christ,
Lady B

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