"He must increase, but I must decrease."

Monday, January 3, 2011


I will be twenty-one in a few days.

Am I supposed to be excited?  This birthday holds nothing exciting for me except the fact that I gat to celebrate another birthday.  Mama threw a wonderful party for my brother and I both (he turned thirteen on Christmas day) and everyone is excited for me about being twenty-one, but I am not.  I mean I am excited this year to really draw closer to my Lord and really learn what I will need in the future (the things I should have been learning already, erg).  Other than that what is twenty-one to me?  I have no desire to drink or gamble and really that is all there is to be excited about when it comes to the world.  With eighteen at least I had voting to look forward to. 

Another thing, I am a twenty-one year old lady and college graduate; what do I do now now? 

I would love to be a stay-at-home-daughter but I do not see that happening for me.  I have insurance(s) to pay and Papa does not want me sitting around the house (I am an adult, I should act like one).  I am thinking perhaps of getting at least a part time job (as I have done for the past seven years) but where?  That is my prayer…actually it is “What is my next step, Lord?”  I want my whole life to honour Him and be in His will.   Right now, I am thinking about putting in an application at our library, the Christian bookstore and a little boutique in town.  I do not know which one God wants me at or if he even wants me at any of them or if I am going to have to get a job at all.  Papa is actually starting a business (hopefully it works out) and I may be able to “work for him.”  It is rather exciting!

Ah, dear twenty-one, I do look forward to you but not with the excite of so many others.  I look forward to another year drawing closer to my Lord and perhaps my dreams?  Whatever God has in store for me I will, as Susan, “go on and take the adventure that shall fall...”

Through Christ,

Lady Helen

P.S. My dears, please take a look at the two polls I have posted on the <side.  That would be a tremendous help to me.  Thanks much!


  1. Just keep trusting in God! He is the controller of everything. Take Mary's example and do not be idle in your life, do everything and everything you can everyday to please him. Us young people think we have to get a job, or get a husband for our life to start. And while we are waiting we end up lazy and unpleasant in the eyes of God. Like right now I have to fulfill my vocation as a young Christian woman. It is what will please the Lord most.

    Holy moly! Sorry for the rant!
    In Christ

  2. Yes, it is challenging to know what to do. I just turned 20 and feel a bit like you do. What now? There isn't a husband in site which is what I want to do with my life. I really think God wants me to stay focused on Him and He will provide everything I need. If you are focused on God, your heart will be guided by your earthly father. If you are focused on God, you can do great things! I have heard alot that when you are single there is so much you can do that you can't when you are married. This is a time for me to be serving God by serving others. Something I may not be able to do if I get married.
    OK, maybe I just need to do my own post. Sorry to rant as Milisande said.... :(
    I really think God has things around the corner for everyone and He is in control so it will be perfect no matter what. Even when we mess up. He can fix it. Don't we serve an Awesome God??? :D
    Love in Christ,

  3. Happy birthday (rather late, but better late than never)! I pray that God leads you to the job that will encourage your growth in Him--and allow you to minister to others. It's wonderful to see young women dedicated to following Jesus and desiring to live a life fully pleasing to Him!
    Blessings in Christ!


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